Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh, my gawd! Not that!

Oh my,where do I begin.  Cooking class with my favorite Italian Chef at Fresina's Pasta Company.  I cannot imagine a better way to spend a Friday than with this wonderful group of people.  Here are Ann and Linda (she is the boss lady of the place) hanging together sampling some of the luscious goodies.  Chef Enzo does make that antiquated electric stove sing, yeah darling.

First we had some wine.  Then created an appetizer of cauliflower and broccoli fried and topped with a red sauce to die for.  The veggies were not greasy or over done, they were still crisp in the center.  Even cold they were incredible dipped into the warm sauce.  

Then we had some more wine.  A hearty red with a full flavor.  My favorite soup of all time is Pasta e Fagioli.  I learned the very secret to making this zuppa.  You need the right little tiny pasta d'italias.  And it is not only the right sausage but the right stock!  I am not giving that one away.  You have to come eat with me first! 

We cooled the portions we took home on the stairs, too funny a picture to pass up.

Next some grapefruit wine before he butchered some chicken, sliced thinly for scallappine.  Dredged in spices and fried in incredible olive oil.  They were held in the oven until the Marsala was ready. 

Talk about incredible.  Sweet sweet Marsala.  I love you!
Demi glace, ahhh.  It feels good just tossing around the words that make up this recipe. 

He plated the pollo with a capellini aglio olio.  Tons of garlic, just what an Italian girl wants for dinner!  Frank can't wait for me to fix this for him.  His favorite thing in an Italian restaurant is the Capellini Pomodoro.  Check it out.  Are your taste buds watering yet? 

While he was cooking, Chef Enzo created quite a mess.  Even though he is a really neat cook and uses paper plates when he can, he created a lot of dishes this time.  So I jumped in and washed stuff up.  We talked about his new boxer pup Vito.  What a great name.  Vito Signorelli!  Something for that little guy to live up to.

I went home the rest of the leftovers and all the wine.  Great pay for little work, I say.  When I got him DiNozzo was so happy to see me.  The first thing he did was to plunge his head into the bag and check out the goodies I brought with me. 

About 5 minutes later I hear a gigantic scuffle in the yard and Chloe the Smelly Basset comes running to me with her mouth salivating.  She is literally dripping with drool!  I check her and she appears to be fine.  So I go check DiNozzo thinking maybe they got a snake or something from the crazy neighbor over the fence.

He does have a piece of saran wrap hanging out his mouth.  I chase him down and he is happy to comply with chase game.  He stays right ahead of my grasp.  Finally I corner him and take the


out of his mouth.  Oh, my gawd, not that!  Take the soup, take the wine but NOT the cheese!

So what do you expect I did?  I rinsed it off and popped it into the fridge!

glen:  I am NOT going to waste THAT!


  1. Ha Ha Still laughing - can't say Di Nozzo doesn't have taste!!!

  2. oh my golly, that stuff is super expensive... good choice, Di Nozza!

    Glad you got it - not sure the plastic wrap would have made it successfully through him - you could have had an emergency vet bill to boot...


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