Saturday, October 1, 2011

Norma's Little Purse design

I had some time this afternoon to sit and sew a bit.  Boy did that feel almost normal.  Frank watched the LSU football game while I finished up a block due for one of the local guilds and then one that Norma had challenged me to put together. 

After that we rode bikes down to the road construction on South Harrell's Ferry to see how far the sidewalks have been laid.  Most of the way, but not all the way.  The dirt mix was hard enough to ride on though.  It felt like we were doing mountain biking!  We totaled 4.2 miles today.  If I can find my book I will log that in!  Oh, my room is cleaning up bit by little minute bit every day!  It is more open but still looks like a bomb exploded in there.

Norma's was a purse pattern she wanted me to try.  I used Carol Doak's papers to cut the pattern.  Then chose two fat quarters like the instructions said but decided to use only one at the last minute.  So there is no diversity in the center of the purse.

As you can see, #3 had a bit of a mix up with #1 and got snipped a little.

The birthing process was easy. 

All it needs is a button or a snap or some velcro. 

Can you see the three pockets?  Enlarge the photo and you should see them easier.  I can put my credit cards in there or better yet, my discount cards that are cluttering up my real wallet.

Cool.  Easy as pie.



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