Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lose Weight at Walmart?

Prevention Magazine says you can if you do these things:

1.  Park way way way out!  Walking in can burn calories because aerobic exercise is the best way to lose weight.
Walmart. Save Money. Live Better.2.  Start shopping in the Produce Dept.  Veggies and fruits are naturally fat free and low calorie so going here first will definitely help you lose weight.  Cooking fresh is way much healthier than canned or frozen stuff with additives.

3.  Walk the perimeter of the store.  Walmarts average 185,000 feet square so that is about 1/2 mile and with your walking to and from your car you will have nearly 3/4 of a mile with no effort at all.

4.  Buy Great Value brands.  Walmart has lowered sodium by 25% and fats by 10% in its store brand.  But make sure you look at calories before you buy those cookies!

5.  Buy exercise equipment at Walmart.  If you need something shipped, have it shipped to the store you get free shipping!  Save money and burn calories.

I guess you CAN lose weight at Walmart!  LOL



  1. Not if I walk by the bakery! They have great cinnamon rolls!

  2. @ Vivian- Very funny ;)) I would love to go to a cake shop and buy some cupcakes, but unfortunately I'm on diet. I want to lose some extra pounds, because I didn't have time to do some fitness schedule was very busy. I think I'll go to the gym and hire a personal trainer, because he can help me a lot more with my efforts, than if I'd do them on my own!


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