Thursday, December 22, 2011

I can't wait for 2011 to be over

To Kyle RT leg cast ElmoAnd hopefully things will stop coming at me so fast and furious.  and I can get some quilting done.  Every year I promise myself to begin christmas presents in June but I never do.  Do you?

My mom's nurse called me this morning and said it looked like the cast was too tight and her toes were turning purple.  They had gotten her an appointment for the ortho doc this afternoon.  The doc said things looked fine, but he cut the cast off and replaced it with another one not so tight.

Her leg looks like it is healing well.  And her toes won't fall off now.

And here is my 15 minutes of fame over at Taco Boudreaux's new restaurant.

Check me out!! The very first customer!! Good food. And good service. I hope the Restauraunt has a great future


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  1. oh heavens - Taco Boudreaux... fabulous. I love Baton Rouge and the whole cajun culture. Enjoy the holidays, hun.


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