Friday, December 23, 2011

15 Minutes with Norma's scraps

Well, it was more like two hours, but it was still the concept and involved Norma's scraps.  She gave me a bag of scraps when we were sewing on Tuesday.  I have always wanted someone to give me a bag of their scraps.  Don't know why, but I read on other blogs about the "wonderful bag of scraps" someone gave somebody and they made a prize winning quilt.  So I have always wanted someone's bag of scraps!

I began to sew the pieces together and worked diligently for several hours.  At some point I decided it needed to become a pillow.  I had purchased some pillow forms with the big idea of making pillows for everyone for Christmas, but that crashed and burned.  So I still had them.  Next year....I swear....I will start my Christmas stuff in June!

Anyway.  Back to the pillows.

I had been reading some tutorials on pillows and the various ways of doing them.  In the end I just made the envelope and stuffed the form inside, like a reverse birthing.  Then I forced myself to immediately sew the opening closed.  If that didn't happen right then and there, it was still be open for the next three years.

Oh, and I just thought about this.  I could have added the scraps from Dan and Amber's quilts.  Darn, Darn, Darn.  Then I could have given them that to go with their quilts.

I did finish the quilt top.......thanks to PAULA!  She was my cutting and ironing angel for two workdays!

Thanks Paula!



  1. I really like the pillow. I have been thinking about making some, but haven't got around to it yet. Your pillow may be just the inspiration I need.


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