Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Day of Construction.......and Destruction

Eight from today

I decided to get 20 houses done today.  I am not there yet but it is only 3 PM.  I still have time to get closer to the mark.  I have 8 so far.  
Pretty fine neighborhood

But in my defense I had larger problems.  With larger ears.  Yep, the Destructo Dog himself. 

And here is the whole neighborhood of 24 houses. I need to start thinking about the sashing so I can get a portion of the quilt put together as I go. I am thinking blocks of maybe 12 or 16 houses and sashing. Tomorrow I will audition colors. Frank likes light, I like dark.  I will show you what I am thinking.  Finding two yards of anything round here is a bit difficult.  What will work is short and what is 2 yards won't work!

When I started this morning I made myself a nice cup of this new tea I bought yesterday.  It is from Good Earth and tastes like those cinnamon red hots we used to eat.  And the funny thing about this tea is that once it steeps, it actually tastes SWEET!  It is marvelous.  I am loving it.  This is my second cup. 

I go to get a lunch bone for the dogs at lunch time.  As we step outside to pee, I notice something in the yard that looks strange.  Purple.  What do you have that is purple?  I ask DiNozzo.  He shrugs and grabs his bone and goes off to the living room to mucnch on it.  I go investigate and find this:

At least they are clean
My box of tea!  I was quite perturbed with him and I discuss this fact with him and he promises to be better after lunch. 

I get a few more houses done and they are clamoring for their 3 o'clock bones at 2:30 so, thinking to be nice to them, I get up and stretch my legs a bit.  I notice something white on my red carpet in the hallway.  Upon investigating I find Frank's tightey whiteys from the clean laundry I put on my bed BEHIND THE BABY GATE. 

I am a bit angry with DiNozzo and I discuss this fact with him and he promises to be better after his snack.


I walk into my bedroom to put up the tighty whiteys and find this:

WAS the cat's bed
Poor cat will be very angry with DiNozzo, that is her bed.

I decided if my house was going to stay intact I would have to kill DiNozzo.  He is a very lucky dog at the moment.  He is outside waiting execution.



  1. Oh dear! Loving the houses - very cute - no advice re the sashing - auditioning is always a good bet - poor Di Nozzo, so misunderstood!

  2. While you are killing would you like to do another, Lorenzo has been on a tear it up kick. That and running out without coming back. He is driving me crazy. Maybe we need to trade for a weekend. Let DiNozzo come stay with me for a day...Ama & Lilly will teach him manners & how to appreciate his loving home...and Lorenzo can do visit you. 7 lbs of pure stubborness would drive y'all nuts.


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