Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prizes will go out this week and the girls are coming over!

The girls are coming to the house today to do some Tuesday Quilting.  I have asked the bassets to be on their best behavior and both say they will.  I know only one of them will.  The-One-Who-Shall-Be-Nameless will probably spend most of his day outside looking in.  he can look so pathetic like that sometimes.

Winners - I have five piles sorted but was hoping to have more stuff to put in each of the piles.  I pulled out my pattern stash and decided on a few I was never going to make.  And now I have a few bunch of stacks of books to go through.  You all are certainly going to be winners!

For some Eye Candy here is a reversible Cotton Theory quilt I made in 2005.  I still have it and use it on my bed on the nights I can't get enough covers because the stupid sweet bassets are hogging all the covers.  It is queen sized and a heavy quilt because of all the double seams but I love it. The other side is lighter than this side and just as pretty.

The Looney Bin quilt is the first one I made for Andrew when Carrie started to become serious with him.  I figured he was worth a quilt if he was going to get cozy with my daughter.  And it impressed the heck out of his mother, which I thought was a nice touch for a boy who had the potential to become my son-in-law. 

Both are machine pieced and machine quilted on my domestic head.



  1. The quilts are just wonderful,

    have a fun day!!

  2. Have a very fun quilting day. I am sure the dogs will be on their best behaviours.

  3. HOW do you resist such a cute dog???


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