Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stash Report and Where No Dog Has Gone Before

Oh Oh Oh!  I am so excited.  A couple of weeks ago I was bemoaning the fact that purchasing fabric made my numbers look really bad, but I am so excited to bounce back into the Major Stash Usage Column.

I will say that keeping track of my usage has definitely made me look to the stash FIRST where I have found many lovelies for use in my projects.  While I have Major Use Statistics this week, the next week or so will see some Major Finishing Stats!  Yeah!

DiNozzo, always the intrepid explorer, has gone where no dog has gone before in our house.  He has taken over the bench that sits before our big windows out into the back yard.  I suspect he got up there to look out the windows because it was too cold to actually go out and chase the squirrels and birds he loves to terrorize.  And once up there, he found the bench pad was comfy........and he was sleepy.........and he IS a basset after he succumbed to it all.

(Note:  See the huge box of toys next to the bench.  The dogs will often root in ther for a specific toy to play with but never think about putting anything BACK into the box.)

Now he sleeps up there every morning and sometimes in the afternoon if Iam sewing and not sitting on the sofa.  Of course if I am on the sofa, he is right there next to me, hot little body and all.  He does generate lots of heat.  The Swissys kept their heat in with three layers of nice downy undercoat.

My stash numbers are as follows:

Used this week   -13.5
New this week       0
Used in Feb       -23.33
New in Feb         14.5
Used this year    -52.58
New this year      17.5

Total Reduction  -35.08

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  1. Wooo - big use numbers - congrats! My dog has a toy box and ya, know, she never puts anything back either!


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