Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday 9 Am

i slept hard last night, I was exhausted.  It is very draining to go through this, not knowing if your house will be OK and where will you go with the dogs and the cat, and how are Carrie and Andrew doing.  Ann is still without electricity but that may even take days.  We were out nearly two weeks with Gustav.

With Isaac it seems we have a lot of leaves and branches to clean up and only the two shingles that flew loose from the cap of the roof.  Frank will get up there as soon as it dries a bit and re-nail them in place.  We don't think it leaked into the attic, there is after all, tar paper under the shingles.  We should be fine. The roof is not that old.

We can flush our toilets....somewhat.  It has never spilled over, but it doesn't go down.  The bowl fills and swirls, and eventually (sometimes hours) later it will seek a lower level.  Knowing this, I clean the toilets before and after a storm.  This happens when we get inches of rain but not on normal rains.  They say it is because the system fills with water and there is no where for it to go.  But I have talked to some of my neighbors and they do not experience this at all, so when the city comes out today, I will try to ask why this happens to us.  It has done this for the 27 years we have been here!

You don't know how you take a toilet for granted!

It still rains but not hard like yesterday.  The wind is about in the 20-25 mph range, and you can hear the generators in the subdivision behind us.  The ground is very soggy.

My brother lives in one of the subdivisions in Laplace that was evacuated.  I rarely hear from him, so I guess I will call and see if they are needing anything.

Laplace generally does not flood.  It was where a lot of Katrina people went to when they had to leave New Orleans.  It is a small town, kinda backwoods town, about 15 minutes to the west of New Orleans.  A lot of people living there work in Metairie, Kenner or New Orleans.  I think of it as more of the lower class end of the area.  If you want classier digs you would move north of the lake to Slidell, Covington or Hammond.

Let me take my idiot child for a walk.  He is crazy crazy.  Frank already took him around for 1/2 mile this morning, but I guess his energy is stored up from the last 24 hours of being inside.

We are lucky, there are many who are not so lucky.  I hope their lives can be mended and they had insurance!



  1. So glad you're ok! Looks like a lot of cleanup but it could have been a lot worse. I'm sure once you get out around the neighborhood you'll see places that had trees fall on cars and houses etc. - bet your glad it's over:-)

  2. Glad you are up and that you have electric! Yipee! Does appear that you have some cleaning up work in the yard. Very good to know you came through it basically in one piece... with the exception of the two shingles. (I've been there and done that one!)

  3. glad you made it through ok. Do you have a septic tank or sewer on city system? We have septic tank and our plumbing problem is the same when we get heavy rain - the septic field gets flooded, as soon as the rain stops shortly later the toilet is ok.(a friend of mine has the same problem) We had the septic tank "sucked" out "cleaned" at the beginning of our drought so maybe it won't be a problem this time? We put some stuff in it that was supposed to clean out the septic field of gunk - we always park the camper close to the house and if it happens again we use the toilet in the camper.
    glad you just had minor problems hope you brother is ok.


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