Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Fat Lady Has Not Sung

Just to assure those of you who think this is over, it is not.  It feels like it here, but we are really so lucky that we had nothing more than we did.

I stil can't find my brother.  But that is not unusual.  He is an enigma, that man.  And his wife is right there with him.  I know they would not have checked on me.

But check out this radar image.  Isaac is just not moving!  We cut the tree branches off the deck and did some cursory clean up but Frank has decided he wants a McDonald's hamburger.  He is convinced that it is open.

So we are going on a trek.

I have pictures of the yard clean up and the deck.  DiNozzo is helping!  LOL.



  1. Hope you find a Micky D that's open. Actually, I'd love one of their fish sandwiches right about now. I sure do wish this storm would leave and go about it's business moving along and giving other folks some rain!

  2. Your posts are better than watching the news! I think all the weather systems are banging against each other and none of them are budging! It was suppose to be in the 80's today here but my computer says it is 76 and I will take that. I think Issac is bumping the heat wave coming from the west and it is slowing the movement of the heat to Ohio. Crazy weather! Take care!

  3. So true - your posts are more real than the news. Yes, Micky D 's - if anyone is open they will be.


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