Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mostly Back to Normal

Whatever NORMAL is!  LOL.  I will put a quilt on the long arm tonight and maybe finish it up tonight as well.

I baked some Morning Glory muffins and got some yogurt started.  I didn't want to start yogurt and have the electricity go out.  But now we are on a roll.

Frank wanted to get out of the house, I guess spending 24 hours with me is too much for him.  So we called Ann who needed to charge her phone and iPad and headed to Jones Creek Cafe for fried shrimp poboys!  Yum.

Frank is outside cleaning up the detritus from the trees.  Mostly leaves and small branches.  I don't let him do anything with tools or ladders without an adult present.  So he is restricted to grounds work.  You never know when he is going to come inside dripping in blood and needing a quick ride to the ER. We were on first name basis with two of the ERs in the area for a while there.  Once the new rule about the adult being present, he got better.  I think he forgets he is not 25 anymore and can't bounce!

DiNozzo spent a lot of time running in the yard.  He kept coming back and standing on the table of the deck.  I think he was watching the fence, the squirrels often run along the fence when they jump out of his way as he stalks them.  They feed in the grass picking up the seeds that fall from the feeders, shoved out by the little birds.  There is quite an accumulation at the bottom.  DiNozzo and Chloe both eat the seed from the grass as well.  I can often be heard yelling, Don't eat the birdseed, stupid!)

Can you see the cardinal?  See how fat they all are?  I buy a ton of bird seed for them.  Birds on welfare.  In the right hand picture he has moved to the feeder at the top.  And his wife is on the other side.

I have a nice recipe for Sweet Potato Bread Pudding to try this weekend.  Like I am on a diet.  Right.

I will share it with you sweeties if you want.  I am lusting after the Vitamix blender.  I fear one will arrive at my doorstep soon.  But there are so many models  to choose from.  Do any of you have one?  And do you make soups in it?  Is that for real?????

Patty, is that what you do?



  1. glad to see things are back to normal - I try to not let my hubby do "dangerous" things either without my supervision :)
    Just now starting to get the rain here now, forecast changed once again , now they say we will only get about 3 1/2 inches I don't mind that - so much better than maybe 7

  2. Your muffins look delish! I just love the pics of DiNozzo and the birds.
    I have never had a Vitamix blender, they are pretty pricey, but if you need one then you should have one!!

  3. With the Vita Mix I learned the soup won't get hot if you have more than two cups in it. So I make my nice smooth soup in the Vita Mix and then pour it into a cup or bowl and just microwave it for a minute or two until it is nice and hot. When I make my low fat salmon bisque soup I throw in a carrot or two maybe cut in half, one or two stalks of celery, a handfull of kale, some nutmeg, pepper, three cups of skim milk or in a pinch 3 cups of water and a cup of powdered milk, the salmon juice in the can, two tablespoons of cornstarch, and a can of salmon after I removed the bones. Blend on high for 3 or 4 minutes and it comes out perfectly smooth.


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