Friday, August 31, 2012

Off the Wall Friday - The Journey

Oh, Nina-Marie, I love your idea.  Did I say that already???  LOL.

I do so appreciate how you made your drawing, because just this week I was complaining to my very talented daughter that I needed help with my idea for the Swamp Show.  I am certainly NOT an artist and she is very much one.  But she always finds a way to not help me!

I was bemoaning my fate at being relegated to just a traditional pattern or something, not that untested vision that is in my head.  I didn't think I could get there from here.  Which made me think.......

A couple weeks ago, I purchased two sets of notebooks from one of the book stores.  They are small books that can be put in my purse or a tote or even stuck in the folder of my iPad.  I was not sure which one would be more useful, they come in several styles: plain pages, graph pages and lined pages.  ANd they were three to a pack.

The trouble is that I just can't seem to keep up with that stupid cute little book.  You can see which one is missing, the one I had been sketching in.  Yes. I searched for about 20 minutes and finally found it.  Thank goodness.

I had an idea to change up the duffle bag so I sketched the side how I would do it.

Then I had some ideas for sayings on a quilt that might spark some block ideas.  I like the one about the happy sayings.  And I have an idea for some shoe blocks with a really cool line from a popular song.  I won't give it away, I don't want you to steal it!  LOL.

Just this afternoon I was looking for an easy quilt to put on the frame for a quick quilt job and I found a round robin piece I designed about 4 years ago.  We each made a center and I described each of the four sides one by one they were to create around it.  It was sent around to 4 different people, there were 8 of us, and I worked out this elaborate crisscrossing of pieces among them.  They wanted a small piece so I designed a wall hanging.  I always intended to make mine larger into a lap quilt.  But it got stuck in the closet, not even in my UFO box!

I pulled it out and placed it on my crowded and very messy quilting work space.  I want to finish it up using some of the things I have learned in the last 4 years from rubbing elbows with people like Nina-Marie and Patty A and Charlene.  I have much more confidence now to put into this piece.
Sketch for quilting motif

See, this is how I get so many UFOs!  LOL.  I am working on my Paperweights too in there somewhere!

Anyway, I need to extrapolate the sketch books into my daily routine, and to sketch with an my Vase piece.

Let's see what this week brings.

thanks Nina-Marie, for getting me started on the Journey!


  1. So glad you are using the Link Party to stay motivated!! I just wanted to say that I had an idea for a shoe quilt - I sent out requests to all my favorite ladies about their opinion of shoes - and was going to add the opinions to the applique shoe blocks. Got as far as getting the opinions back and haven't done one shoe!! See how I am?! Gotta get back after it - shoes are amazing!!

  2. I sketch out ideas all the time, but never keep them together in the same place. I might have to buy a notebook to do that, one with pockets in it!

  3. I have several notebooks because they always seem to take a vacation when I need them most so I just grab another and draw in it instead. Then that one takes a vacation and I grab another. It's crazy!

    I love the vase round robin quilt. It will be great to see what you end up doing there!

    1. Thank you Lisa I am thinking of what to do with it and hope to get something working soon!


  4. Planning is not my strong suit. I will have to try the notebook idea, wait, I do have a note/sketch book in my knitting bag, time to start using it!

  5. So glad you found your sketchbook, and I love the vase quilt!

  6. Oh yes! Gathering ideas is an avocation here. I see ideas everywhere and occasionally will sketch them, but am more likely to snap a picture for later. It is fun to find them later and have them sneak into another idea all together. Just the same, this Off the Wall Friday is a very enjoyable motivation. So glad all of you are joining us with ideas.


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