Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cholesterol, Sewing at Red Stick and Making Money

Health Minute:  My cholesterol is good but I thought I would pass this along to you so you can keep yours good as well.  Remember the beans I made Monday?

Did you know that you can lower your cholesterol cheaply and easily?  Just by eating more soluble fiber?  Soluble fiber lowers your LDL (the bad one) and raises your HDL (the good one).  You can find soluble fiber in things like Benefiber but you can also get you soluble fiber in delicious  ways, too.  Like:

Wheat bread or whole grain breads instead of white bread
Oatmeal instead of donuts
Fruits instead of candy
Vegetables instead of meats
almonds instead of afternoon sugar snack
Olive oil instead of lard or vegetable oils or butter
Beans (black, red, lentils)


Italian seasonings, cumin, rosemary and real vanilla will your foods taste good without all that butter.

Ok -----------

We sewed at Red Stick Quilting yesterday, as we do most Tuesdays.  I got so little done and I was there most of the day.  It is not that I didn't  work hard, I did.  I thread basted the Jack and Gourdy Halloween Quilt.  I want to do the hand quilting like I did on the Lemon Lime quilt, large stitches with the crochet cotton.  I have purple and orange and need to get yellow for the eyes.  or I may just use the purple for the eyes and call it a day.  I worked a bit on it yesterday and got a group of candy corn and some purple around the first pumpkin done.  Slow work, but it is hand work in front of the TV and will be great for the winter to have the quilt draped over my legs keeping me and several bassets warm!

Please plan on joining us next Tuesday and sewing from 10 to about 3 or 4 or whatever time you can get away.  (Andrea, you hearing me, darling?) We really get a lot done, Ann is working on 3 great grandbaby quilts and got some Christmas lotto blocks done as well.  N interruptions and we usually go to one of two local dives for their lunch plates but you we can be persuaded to go somewhere else if you like!

I talked to a dog trainer friend of mine.  I charge WAY too little for training the buggers.  

But I have two quilting commissions coming in soon.  I am trying to charge enough for them but not too much!  LOL.  It is a good thing I do so love this quilting thing.

glen:  not sure why my typing disappeared in the second half, but this was all I could do to get it readable again.  How did I do that disappearing thing?

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