Thursday, October 4, 2012

Retreats, Italian Hair and Dog Spit

I am heading out for a retreat this weekend.  Frank will be home so don't think you can run by and break in or steal something.  My vicious dogs will eat you.

I am bringing the Southwest pattern that Ann brought back from Arizona.  I spent most of the day yesterday cutting out hers and mine.  I didn't realize how look it would take to just cut out two quilt!  Anyway they are cut and packed.

I have three other projects to work on.  And I think I am going to get everything I need into the car this time.  I packed my sewing stuff yesterday while I was not in a rush and thinking about what all I needed to take with me.

Chloe the Smelly Basset
Today I will pack the clothes portion of my trip.    And my hair dryer.  I left it home last time and looked like a fuzzball the entire weekend.  Not that my hair is curly, but it is straight and unruly.  It looks like it SHOULD have been curly.  Of course, everyone else in my family has dark, thick, curly Italian hair.  So it really should have been curly.  I had one grandmother who was Danish in amongst 35 other relatives who literally just got off the ship.  My dad was the first generation born here in America. And I get the Danish hair.

Dutch the good boy
So, I got the SUV cleaned to spare  Ann the embarrassment of driving up covered in dog spit.  I think they should send some dog spit to the lab and see what is in it.  It would make the best glue.  I scrub my glass door and the car windows once a month.  And I mean scrub.  That stuff doesn't come off easily.

The Fabulous Bonnie Doon
Bonnie Doon was the one who would smoosh her nose against the window and breathe heavily until all her nose goop would be on the window.  And she did that to my back door too.  I had to clean that door once a week when she was alive.

I miss all that spit on my windows.  You know.


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