Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun and Sun at the Beach

Heading out to Quilt Retreat.  Ann and I are driving there and I am totally packed.  I had to go unpack to get my vitamins out of the bag even!

Got the dogs walked early, or rather the dogs walked me.  I need to get some training going on that little boy.

He tossed his cookies last night, I think it was the stuffing of one of our squeakies.  Most are without stuffing but he found one with stuffing left, and de-stuffed it all over the living room.  Kinda looked like it had snowed inside.

I am waiting for Ann to arrive, usually I have some sewing or chores going on so I am fiddling around and putting more projects together!  She better get here soon!  LOL

Frank will have fun, I am sure.  And he will probably order the ponies in for the weekend!


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