Thursday, November 15, 2012

Busy day spent NOT sewing

But Frank is out of town tonight so I can work till the wee hours of the morning if I want to!

I am beginning to collect the makings of each person's Christmas baskets now.  I was in search of a donut pan to make the Chia Donuts I am drooling about over on Loft Creations.  After going to 3 places and not finding what I wanted, I had decided I was going to have to go to BK and see if Wanda had one over there.

 A brainstorm idea hit me, what about a a Wilton bakeware place?  So I headed to Hobby Lobby and found one!  Yes!

Tonight Chai Donuts!

And I found the most wonderful Saints wrapping paper for the Saints Quilt for the Matt nephew!  I was so excited!

And my order of Choffy was in the mailbox when McGee and I went out to check it.  Chocolate coffee, what could be better than that?

It is a good day, which may be getting even better when Ann calls and says she is available for a trip to the BRAND SPANKING NEW DAIRY QUEEN!

Oh, and Karen is having a giveaway of one of her pinsies!  Got to check it out at:



  1. Hilarious - your first mention said chia donuts, I was thinking like chia pets? lol - then came the chai donuts, and - aha! light bulb went on in my brain! that sounds delish! my "kids" love when I make chai cupcakes!

  2. Sounds like you have had some sucesses with finding the donut pan and the Saints paper! Have a great weekend!


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