Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cleaning Up.....Really Really

Once I get the room relatively cleaned up, I can get back to quilting.  Really.

Frank offered to help begin the Dodeca-mensal Quilt Room Clean Up and I jumped on that wagon!  He really didn't help much.  But he did man the vacuum whenever I moved anything and another million of those tiny tiny insidious beads bounced along the floor.

Oh, what?  What is dodeca-mensal?  It is a fancy Latin word for 12 times a month. Dodea is 12 and mensal is monthly.  Never thought about that before, did you, but it makes sense from womanly things.
And if you are wondering, that number is CXLIV.  But then again, maybe you weren't.

See......see how easily I get distracted?

So I made a set of boxes from this    -------------->

and got the Leaning Tower of Boxes.

The last package of boxes I got from Office Depot had 2 boxes.  This one, at least, has 4.  I made 4 and used 4.

One has all my yarn and needles.  I need to make something to contain the needles.  Maybe a nice case.  Maybe, if I can part with my precious fabrics.

And one contains a slew of scraps I found hiding under another box.

And one contains some solids and modern fabrics

And the last one contains my mother's financial stuff.  when I moved the plastic container it was in, the plastic shattered.  It isn't that old either.  I needed to clean out all the paid bills from her Laplace life and from her Assisted Living Apartment life. She no longer has 5 banks, she is down to just one that catches her Social Security check before it goes out to the Nursing Home life.  I shredded it and fit the rest into half a box.

And I found a pile of old recipes, I dumped about half of them and made a promise to the rest to type them into the computer and get rid of the paper pieces.

And I found a pile of CAAWS stuff from a few years ago that needs to be filed.

I didn't take a before, but think of this stacked with stuff and covered knee deep in tiny tiny insidious beads.......

It is a start and any beginning in my world is worth shouting to the world and having a beer!  The Stuff on the Design Wall will have to work into the schedule on its own.


  1. oh good for you!!!! I am cleaning my sewing room today, too... primarily trying to make the floor accessible for the vacuum cleaner! good for you and me both.

  2. Great job! Now McGee can find fabric/projects to swallow easier. Giggling!

  3. I look longingly at all these people on blogs that show their studios or sewing rooms with all the fabric folded neatly and stacked oh so finely and I am sure that threes people never actually use the stuff. Can you send me Frank after you are done? I could use a vacuum holder and box mover :-) he is a gem.


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