Monday, December 30, 2013

The Bose

The Bose is a radio unit that Frank won one year at a national sales meeting.  They come together at random times too play those cutesy games that foster togetherness.  Some little HR girls who have HR degrees from some nice university dream these things up.  (I can say that, one of my degrees is a precursor to the HR degrees now and I did these things myself.  But to a very different audience!)

The guys who participate in these games with Frank are all older, hardened Oil and Gas/Industrial Sales Engineers, who don't give a whit about "coming together".  They understand numbers, machines, compression, vibrations and running crews of men who have to play nice with each other and pass a drug test randomly.

but I digress.  He won the thing at one of those national sales meetings.

It has an alarm feature and plays music CDs of your choice.  So he will change the music that wakes me up randomly.  He chooses the music carefully, and with a definite purpose.

The last few days he has me waking up to John Fogarty's Rock and Roll Girls.  That sounds so different from the great first lines of this song.  It plays through my head all day!

See what is says to you!  I am loving it!

Life is like a rodeo

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