Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quilt Room Dreams Crashed to the Floor

How many times have I said I was going in to start cleaning up my room?  A million?  Maybe so.  I did say it yesterday, once again. And hey, to my credit, I did go in there.

I just got sidetracked and ended up making pins for the three pincushions I made earlier.

When I  finished that, I was putting everything away and I DROPPED the container box with all the little jars of tiny beads.  Dropped, as in totally lost it.

Yes, I fumbled it all the way down, too.

The beads, millions of tiny beads mind you, went EVERYWHERE .

Frank had just come home. And while I tried not to cry, he silently got the broom and swept them all up.  The ones he could find anyway.  I am sure there are about a million more tiny, tiny beads somewhere on that floor.  Hiding.  Waiting for me to slip on them.

They are insidious little things, now that I think about it........


  1. Maybe the universe is telling you that you have to many beads?

  2. Oh dear you'll be finding beads like those little rubber bands for braces -- do they ever go away? I started purging and reorganizing my sewing space and I now have 2 full lawn and leaf bags to donate to groups that quilt for charities. Not more doggie friends on your blog banner??? Happy New Year.


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