Friday, December 27, 2013

New Gadget for Christmas -- It WAS Frank's.....

Carrie and Andrew gave Frank a wonderful new gadget for his Christmas present.  It is a ChromeCast.  I will use it more than he will I think.  We have been dragging him kicking and screaming into the modern age.  You would think as an engineer he would like technology, but if it doesn't compress something, he is not all that into it.

If you don't know what a ChromeCast
is, sit back and buckle up.

ChromeCast is a thing that plugs into a port on your TV and "casts" the screen from your laptop or your tablet like an iPad on to the screen.  It can also cast the screen of your iPhone to the screen as well.

You simply download an app and plug the device into the TV.  After some minor setup stuff, I did it easily, you have this:

Amazing?  You bet.

Everything I do on the computer screen comes up almost immediately on the TV screen.  I can watch myself type, although I am not that good at blind typing.  Or looking at the keys typing either for that matter.   Especially on this laptop keyboard.  I was pretty good on m split keyboard......but I digress.

Here is another screen.  This is the woodpecker from Christmas Eve.

And here is the lovely couple themselves.  I took
it from her Facebook page, you don't think she would have actually sent me any pictures of herself..........

I also see that I need to clean my laptop screen.  It is a touch screen and I do touch it.......a lot.

Now I am going into my sewing room and clearing out a corner,  PattyA style.  I feel a productive year coming on!

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  1. Oh I just ordered this last night from Amazon. My sons want to try it and I think we are going to have fun with this. I'll probably end up buying 2 more so we don't have to share... we're not good at sharing toys. I think we need more adult supervision. LOL~


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