Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Cabin In the Woods

See the new photo in the header?  It is one of my Year's Past Favorites!  And it is fitting that it is the blog photo in the cold days of January.

Although I have no idea why I never get the final photos of the pieces I make, at least I have an almost finished photo.  This one was made from a pattern I purchased way back in 2008. That year, I sent the finished quilt to a friend who moved from warm Louisiana to the one of coldest places in the nation, Minot ND.

He and I showed dogs together and he helped me after a judge fell on Dutch.  Dutch was reduced to a bundle of nerves in the ring. Kelsey took him back into the ring because Dutch wanted to protect me from those evil judges.  Dutch never really got over the incident, and I championed him and retired him.  He was just happy to be by my side.

Kelsey got his PhD from LSU through the vet school and took a job doing geographic mapping in Minot.  He bought an A-Frame and moved his Swissys into the snowy fields of Minot.  As far as I know, he is still there.


  1. I would rather be in southern California than in a cabin in the woods right now. It is so freakin' cold! The cabin quilt is very cute. Nice job!

  2. I love that wood fabric! I would love to live in a cabin in the woods and I would have 5 dogs and they would romp and play all day and I would have a hunky lumberjjack type live in boy toy who would hunt and gather wood and make me venison stew on the woodstove while I quilt the day away. (sigh)


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