Monday, January 6, 2014

Court Case and a Death Sentance

On my way to court this morning, I received a call from the ADA and she said the man who allegedly tossed the pup over the fence at CAAWS in August 2012 pleaded guilty to the charges today.  He did this as part of a package deal in order to be released from custody after being arrested for an unrelated event.  Either way we got it, we got the win.

I am happy.  CAAWS is happy.  And we are done with this one.  I am sure there will be something again at some time in the future. Right now though, I am not required to be in court for anything in the foreseeable future!  Yea!  I am relieved.

When I got home, I encountered definite evidence of another major crime. There was a call for the application of the death penalty threatened upon the head of a beloved pet.  It is only because of my great patience and
benevolent personality that the culprit escaped the electric chair.

I felt sorry for the idiot since he lost privileges of having a crate pad.  It was chilly today so I threw a quilt over his crate, trying to make sure none of the quilt touched the crate.  I carefully arranged it so it would block any draft but not be where he would get it.

It was one of my early quilts, a lot of HSTs in a dark/light pattern.  I kinda liked it. It is well used, well worn, snuggly and soft.

Obviously I was wrong.  So he has lost ALL fabric privileges for the foreseeable future. You cannot feel sorry for him anymore, he will use it to his own detriment.  He will eat your stuff, sure as looking at you.

With those big, wistful brown eyes................sigh.


  1. I'd offer to send a well-used threadbare flannel log cabin quilt to you (and McGee), but it's probably worse for him than the quilt when he eats them ... I'm so sorry for the loss of your pretty scrap quilt.

  2. Glad the guy is now officially guilty, but what was his sentence? Sad to see what happened to the quilt. I had a early quilt that my son used and one day I saw a big rip in it. How on earth do you rip a quilt perpendicular thru the binding and 8 inches thru the front fabric, backing, and batting? I just put it under the sewing machine and zig zagged the edges together so at least the tear would not get any bigger.


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