Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fun and Exciting News - Maybe

I am sorry for not posting yesterday, I was very busy preparing for the two meetings I had last night.

In one of them, I was elected President of CAAWS for 2014.  Frank stepped down and I stepped in.  Not my first choice, however there are some really positive thing happening there that will bring us forward.

And I have this fun little quiz for you.  Sophie over at Sophie's Junction put this up on her blog today.  I took the quiz and it was uncany!  My two cities were New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  I grew up in New Orleans and have lived in Baton Rouge for 35 years now!  LOL.

See if you are that predicable!

How Y'all Youse and You Guys Talk


  1. It is amazing how accurate that quiz was for me too. Put me right on the map where I have lived all my life. It's funny that particular words will locate you that specifically.

  2. Congratulations (I think?) no question you will do a great job as president. That test put me in Michigan or Rochester NY although Vermont was in the red area. Pretty cool :-)

  3. Best wishes on your new position. Thank goodness there are dedicated people like you and Frank to see that homeless animals are taken care of. As for McGee - well are you now going to have to ask everyone to fill out their volunteer forms again? At least you can truthfully say the dog ate it!


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