Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Free Motion Clam Shells on KerBloom!

I checked my Angela Walters book about Modern Free Motion Quilting and settled upon a clam shell pattern.  There were two reasons I made that decision.

First, I have a draw pad on my iPad and I often practice this pattern.  Thusly, I felt fairly familiar with it.  That is not to say I did not have a huge learning curve!

Second, I wanted to get comfortable with loops so I can go into feathers eventually.

I found it takes a LOT of thread.  I had not made one whole pass across the quilt and I needed to change bobbins already.  I will have to get use to that.I like the way it looks.  And the back will be  nice.

I chose that dark black green batik and with the
black thread it will be subtle but good.

I am sure that by the second or third row   I will be an expert!

I am listening to Fox News on my iPad.  I am hoping that Carrie knows where the charging cord I gave her yesterday is located. 

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  1. That is my go to quilting design when I don't have time for lines. I call it a teardrop. For a small quilt I will use 600 yards easy counting both the top and bobbin thread. I quilt densely. I have quilted tens of thousands of yards of thread doing this pattern. I think I could do it in my sleep!


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