Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Sense of Normalcy?

Yesterday morning I mopped and cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and did a load of laundry.  I was getting ready to vac when the dogs swore someone was outside wanting to come in.  I told them they were nuts, but turns out they were right.

Carrie was here.  And it was 10 AM.  I think she was feeling the physical effects of the last could of whirlwind weeks.  She spent the day on the sofa, sleeping, drinking oolong tea and chilling.

Andrew got  home about 10:30 PM, grabbed some dinner and crashed.  So my day was shaped by being quiet and giving her time to rest and recharge.  they were both up and out early this morning, back to the work grind.

It will get easier as time goes on and we find our roles to fit into.  Hugeaux was very happy until Carrie went into their bedroom and locked him out with me.  And a 3 AM Chloe decides that she wants to go visit with them so she stood outside their room whining until I got up.

Today, I am looking at my To Do board.  Not much, I need to set up my ticket eradication class with the Sheriffs office.  And give the dogs their heartworm pills.

And do this:

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