Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beading Workshop Concludes

We had three days of working with beads.  For  most of us it was the first formal instruction in the craft.  I took the workshop only because when they had the vessel felting workshop I didn't take it and was ever so sorry I did not. 

I was not sure beading interested me, I had an idea it was jewelry, and I don't need more jewelry.   But this was incredible and ohhhh, so much more!  He beaded quilts!

Thom Atkins is a master beader, a bit eccentric, and wonderfully knowledgeable about his craft and the others that overlap it.  Like quilting and clothing.  He makes his own shirts!

And he had a great sense of humor.  Which is an asset in a group like this.  We know a lot of stuff and most are accomplished artists in their own right.  Many even in beading!  So he was mighty brave to come into our midst!

I took some photos of his incredibly detaaiiled work.  Even his class samples are ammazing pieces.

Here are some of the photos I took.
Kaffe Fasset fabric
 Detiaiil of Raven in the snow
Ravens in the snow

See the fire piece next to it.

Here is my way cool scoop.  It has tweezers on the other end.  It is what made my day!  I am digging this scoop thingy!

 Here is Gwen's I believe.

It took him a month to do this one for his book deadline.

It is built layer upon layer of fabric.

And the beading is breathtaking. 

 How about a rooster?


  1. It sounds like you learned a lot at your beading workshop.

  2. So are you all fired up to go do this on your quilts now?


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