Thursday, July 3, 2014

Block and Tackle

that is my motto for today.

Make the block for Marty and tackle the rest of the stuff! 

I was wonderng if there is something small and quick I ca make for the nurses ad pt people who help me next week  Any ideas?

Come on, help me think of something.  you know my brain is fried 'bout now!!!!!


  1. Tea wallets! Here's a link

  2. How about badge "necklaces?" Everyon in a hospital wears a badge, make them a pretty abric necklace with a clasp at the bottom to clip their badge. I recently saw a tutorial for making them with selvages ... should I hunt it down for you?

  3. Cookies. Being a nurse we always liked sweet treats from appreciative patients. You can always add a carafe of hot Dunkin Donuts coffee. I know it's not personal, but nurses rarely get to sit down and eat lunch and a couple cookies on the go gives that needed energy to get through a hectic shift. When I had my knees done last year I brought in a couple dozen cookies for each shift, marked for each shift and asked they be shared with the staff. But also as a nurse, I did like the small items that patients gave...nursing is stressful and it made me feel appreciated for the care I gave.

  4. Micro wave bowls for warming their food


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