Wednesday, September 24, 2014

52 Photos Gallery 21 - My Wish That Came True

One of my favorite songs is Garth Brooks when he says he thanks god for unanswered prayers.  Often I find the things I wanted so much, really didn't make me all that happy in the long run.  Choose your wishes carefully, I guess.  Look at what you are wishing for and know try to know if that is really what you want.

But that is hard, I know.  There have been times when I thought I knew myself enough to really want that.  How can we really know.  And what is a life like that has no wishes to look for?  I might not want that either.

Right now, my wishes are small.  And practical.  Like I wish Frank will get home safely from Mississippi.  And that my new bed will be delivered soon.  I really wish that one!!  Last week I wished that the mattresses be delivered, and I got those.  Now I want the vibrating bed to put them on to come.  Always wanting more.

Not long ago I wished that I could walk without my knee hurting.  After the surgery in July I am almost getting that wish to come true.  Not quite yet, but I am working on it!

That brings up a pet peeve of mine.  I hear people often say they prayed for their team to win or for something they should be working toward doing.  I have never put stock in praying for something rather than working for it.  You make your life what it is.  Only you.

So here is my current immediate wish.  I want to get the vibrating bed base and I wish it would cool off so when I open the windows to dissipate the off gassing of my new mattresses I could be cooler and my head wouldn't hurt so.


  1. I have to admit when I pray I sometimes ask for things but I really try to just say thank you for what I have. I figure whoever is listening knows what I need already ;-) but then a vibrating bed couldn't hurt

  2. I am glad it is cooler so I can have the windows open, but the downside, for example, last night a couple of owls decided to have a party outside my bedroom window at 3 a.m. What a racket they made!

  3. Enjoy your new mattress set and wishing you continued healing and knee strength.

  4. Wonderful post!
    Many thanks that you shared these thoughts and pictures with us.
    Enjoy your new mattress set!

  5. Simple and to the point. Thank you for adding your photo to {my wish that came true}.


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