Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lorax - the Completed Top

I ended up adding the sashing around the entire center just because I thought it looked better.  Then I added the black stop border and the 6 inch outer border.  Now  it looks like the the black border is floating! 

I love it!

Now I have to start the other one.  I don't think I have enough fabric for the backing of both quilts so I think I will wait till the second one is done to the same stage to see                    

how much i need to add to get the both done with the same  backing fabric. 

She sent me the Dr Seuss fabric that has the words he used from a number of his books.

When Tory first started talking about the quilt I bought some Dr Seuss prints to make two pillows for them, good thing I thought of two pillowcases that far back!  Tory's mother loves SpongeBob SquarePants so I bought some of that as well.  More pillowcases!

I have to admit, I like SpongeBob myself!


  1. I just adore that quilt if you want flannel for the back, I have two 2-3 yard pieces of blue / white swirl. More than enough for two quilts.

  2. Oh yes! Perfect ! You made the right choice


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