Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stash Report 9-28-14

Reflecting upon what my daughter said about my housekeeping skills, I thought I would go through my freezer and clean out the old stuff.  While I was doing so, I found a bag of parsley that had opened up into the bottom of the drawer.  I can tell you it was a booger to clean out!  I had to get Frank to help figure out how the partitions came out.  I couldn't see well enough to tell how they were hooked in there.
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I have a fridge that has the bottom freezer and those french doors on the top.  The drawer on the bottom pulls out and there is an internal drawer as well.  I made a cleaning solution of vinegar and baking soda and wiped the drawers out once I got all that stupid parsley out of there!  I found a couple of things that were dated 2013 so they got tossed out as well. 

It will be good to start new and clean again.  And contrary to popular belief, I do clean out my freezer  at least twice a year!  Now I can fill it up again.

So I started with some Pesto.  My basil bush in the yard was greatly overgrown.  Like waist high!  So I pulled all the branches that didn't look like a nice compact bush and stripped the leaves.  Finally, a use for the salad spinner.  Don't get me started on useless kitchen things, but the salad spinner is definitely one of them.

I added some baby spinach leaves, because sometimes these basil leaves
are so overpowering for us.  Garlic, pine nuts and walnuts and some really nice olive oil that came from Israel when Ann and Press were there.  I didn't add the Parmesan cheese yet since I was going to freeze most of the pesto in the ice cube trays (from the very first refrigerator we ever had!)

I will have to stop at Fresina's on Monday to get some fresh pasta for Pesto Pasta and Zuchini and those tomatoes from the Farmers Market.

As for my stash report.........just pillowcases!  But I am whittling it down!

Used this week -7.5
Used this month -17 used this year -108.5
bought this week 0
bought this month 2.66 bought this year 179.66
plus or minus -7.5
plus or minus -14.34 plus or minus 71.16

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  1. You are doing a bit better than I am using up the stash. Yes, making pillowcases can really eat up the yardage! Your Dr. S quilt turned out wonderful!


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