Saturday, September 6, 2014

Are You In the Market for a Bed Frame?

This is the canopy corner
Since we are getting a new bed next Saturday the old one needs to go somewhere else.  The frame I  fell in love with is a metal canopy bed.  It did not come in a king sie so I gave up a king mattress for the queen bed frame.  No regrets.

But since we decided on the sleazy vibrating bed, it is time to let go of the frame too.  So I put it in the paper for sale.  The ad reads:  Queen Sized Metal Canopy Bed - $100, perfect condition, disassembles easily for moving, Call (phone number).  I can send photos on text.
See the Elephant Quilt on the wall!

If you are interested, text me, call me or post a reply to this post and I will call you tomorrow.  

The first call I get is a lady who wants photos, then tells me she doesn't want a canopy but wants a king sized frame!  Duh!  How did I mislead her there?

Ignore the messy pile of quilts there

The next call is a lady who says she doesn't want the frame she just wants the mattress.  Too bad, my cousin Matt is getting the Select Comfort mattress.  He has been dying for one since his parents got a Select Comfort a few years ago.  Perfect fit!

So we are meeting his mom, Cousin Karen and hubby at Middendorf's to exchange the mattress. They only have the best fried catfish in the entire world!  And I don't like fish, but this is the only one I eat.  The cat is flash frozen and sliced so thin that the cornmeal crust is thicker than the fish!  This is a long standing family tradition since my father was little.

The silly thing deflates, the foam comes out and it just folds up and into two boxes and a pile of pillowtop!  Amazing.  And it all fits in the back of my CRV!

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  1. you don't really have a vibrating bed do you? I could not imagine sleeping on one :-/


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