Monday, January 19, 2015


I have some silk from a while back, for some project long forgotten.  So I thought to use it for my Eco-Bundle.  So what is an eco-bundle and why would you do it?


And Eco-Bundle is a piece of natural fabric wrapped up with a bunch of natural objects like leaves, nuts, rusty things.  And you  know how much I love rusty things!

I started with that piece of silk.  Found things like:

Oak leaves and some walnut and gum leaves.

magnolia leaves and a seed pod.


Some purple wandering jew leaves.  The freeze got them so they are in the process of drying up.

Rusty things!

 Here is everything laid out on the silk piece.  And some St John's Wort tea that is dried. 

I used some cotton twill tape Frank had in the garage.  He didn't tell me he had this wonderful tape!  I think he tried to sneak it in on me.  He knew I would lust after it.

Here is my bundle rolled but not tight yet.

 I wrapped it like a little mummy!  This is like what the Egyptians did with herbs and ointments and naards.  After I wet the whole thing, I buried the mummy in a very dark dirt flower pot because I didn't want the idiot child to dig it up.  I will try to remember to keep it moist and see what grows.

I couldn't decide whether to put it in a soda ash soak or pour some vinegar on it.  I think the rusting process will happen over time and moisture without the vinegar, but if not I can rust it after I dig it up.

I want to keep it buried until spring when I replant the pot.  This might be a new use for over-wintering pots!

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