Monday, January 19, 2015

Eco-Bundle (continued)

So you think I joke about McGee and how bad he is?  Here he has dug up the mummy bundle already and it has not been in the flower pot for 5 hours.

I just happened to walk out and saw it laying there.

That is my eco-bundle, not doggy poop!

I really didn't think he saw me bury it.  But I guess that and his excellent nose beat me out.

Aughhh!  He also tore up the renewal post card for my Machine Quilting Magazine.  He is just lucky I could renew online.........


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  2. I'm not sure what an eco-bundle is, but no doubt McGee knows its value. If you bury it again, try putting a heavy item over it....a flower pot, log, etc. If he can't move it, he may not be able to get to it. Of course, he could dig around and under the heavy item. We have a doggy yard and one of our Maltese pups is notorious for digging. You should see all the junk my husband is using to keep her from digging: 2X4's, a garden statue, a toy, and every loose brick. He promises to fix the fence, but I'm sure he's just hoping she grows out of it. I'm hoping that McGee is an outstanding pup and not the norm!

  3. I had a feeling that would happen - you will need to find a hole in a tree higher than he can get with those short little legs it shouldnt be to hard. You made a big one! thanks for the idea. I'm going to have fun with it :-)


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