Saturday, January 3, 2015

rainbow Srap Challenge

I am so sorry!  I put the link in there but somehow it vanished into thin air. Google it, or better yert Pinterest it.  You will see some really great quilts.

This is the original site. Angela at SoScrappy has curated this for for years now.  And she has quite a following.  I love the quilts I have seen. 

Basically, you choose your faborite block.  She calls out a color each month and you make as many as you want in that color.  Next month, another fabulous color.

Several things happen.  You use your favorite block.  You get a quilt at the end.  You use colors in  different way.  You use colors you might not use in a normal day.

Win, wn, win, win and wn!


  1. Does this mean you're going to play along? I have spent the last hour flipping through a new book and thinking that the blocks in it were MADE for the RSC. Uh oh ... it means I'll be starting a new project ;-)

  2. Just checked it out and it's a great idea! What is that gorgeous quilt on your blog header?

  3. Your fox block looks fabulous in blue. What a wonderful way to start the year.


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