Sunday, January 4, 2015

Foxes, Asterisks and the NEW Stash Report.

This is the best week of the Stash Report.  Fresh and clean and new and all zeros!

And I actually used some of my stash and didn't buy a thing.  Although that may change on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Ann wants to visit the Borne Quilter.  They are closing their doors and have a lot of fabulous fabrics on great sales.

Charlene?  You up for your first great buy of the year?  Maybe we can work out lunch together.

For the Rainbow Scrap Challenge the color for January is Blue.  I realized I really don't have much blue, precious little modern blue.  Oh, wait, I have a whole drawer full in the CLOSET I can't get to in the quilt room!  Geez.

So I did a couple of foxes.  I had to draw it in EQ.  I couldn't get it to have normal size pieces.  It kept giving me things like 2 3/16 or 1 7/23.  So I used the basic EQ drawing and made it by free cutting each piece in more normal sizes.  From there I tweaked the sizes of the pieces, made it more to what I thought it should be and developed a pattern.  Then for the second one, I tested the pattern and made another blue fox.  I still had to tweak one of the nose pieces.  To do this block you would have to be a higher intermediate quilter.

But I do so love the way it looks.  I was concerned that blue foxes would be weird.  But they are not!  I want to do several more in blues as these foxy guys are small.  I am thinking 3 to 5 each month will give me like 35 to 45 EOY and with sashing it will be a nice size. 

Then I designed the asterisk blocks to be paperpieced.  Again, an intermediate level for this one.  But I made sure to move the seams around so they would not meet in the middle.  Even so, there were still several meeting in the middle and I had to remove the paper before I could sew it all together.

I am rethinking the Modern Trees. I have another paperpieced block I want to try.  Or I might go back to the trees.

I also worked on the quilting for the Oil Derrick.  I hope you can see the quilting, I love the idea of the negative space letters.

This is for the Quilt the Swamp show.  Am I cutting it close.....or what?

Right now i am sitting in my quilt room chair, with Hugeaux (the grand-dog) squeezed between me and the back on the chair.  He is very afraid of the thunder.  And wanted to be on my lap, so we compromised.  He is a hot little guy, I think my back is sweating.

Here is the fabric usage from the aforementioned projects. Small, but in the right direction!

Used this week -2.25 Used this month -2.25 Used this year -2.25
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 0 Bought this year 0
Plus or minus -2.25 Plus or minus -2.25 Plus or minus -2.25


  1. I am always up when it comes to spending time with you and Ann. There is not much left at BQ that appeals to me. But that said, I am always up to buy solids and tone on tones. Those foxes appeal to me. You will have to share, please.

  2. Aw, Hugeaux needs his Grammy! Love your blocks. I've admired that fox but would not want to have to "re-math" it to make it work. Happy fabric shopping.

  3. The fox blocks are great. What fun! Love the names of all the animals!

  4. Your Derrick came out great! Very graphic and modern looking. Can't see the quilting in the pic that good but what I can see - nicely done :-) what will you call it?

  5. Love your blue foxes! I am just getting caught up from my homecation! You sure are keeping busy with all of your challenges! Love the quilt in the header! I am too lazy/don't have time to mess around and change mind. I forget how and usually mess it up every time.

    Only 44 days to QuiltCon!

  6. Cute fox. I don't have much blue either.


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