Monday, January 5, 2015

44 Days to QuiltCon and 0 Days to Quilt the Swamp

Patty reminded me that there is only 44 days to lose 50 lbs so I can be shape to be seen in optimum prime condition at QuiltCon!

But more importantly, 0 days to Quilt the Swamp.  I have to bring it out there tomorrow.  Finished.

Here is a  better photo of the OIL quilting.  You can really see it here. 

I squared it up.  I guess I really don't know how to square up quilts.  i always fight it.  When I got it to where I thought it was square, I measured the top at 18 inches across and the bottom at nearly 19.


I need a Craftsy class on that.

Anyway, I think I finally got it square and chose grey for the binding color.  I tried several, including a really nice red.  But I think the grey keeps it in the neutral zone.

And Mr. Roomba wanted to come into the quilt room this afternoon.  I was cautious, he had only been in the rest of the house but now he suggested I let him in.  In that ever so seductive voice.  So I did.

Oh!  Was he fantastic!  He came in, took care of business and then left.   Just like a really great boyfriend!


  1. I love the originality of your design and the quilting highlights it very well. How do the boys like Roomba? No one had eaten it yet apparently! :o)

  2. The oil derrick is great, the quilting is great, but what I really love is the bottom of the piece (shadow?).

    I saw a really horrible roomba post on Dogshaming the other day and thought about you ... but I think your dog pack is better behaved than that shameful dog (yes, even McGee.)

  3. The derrick piece turned out great! I am trying to work out a bit just to get more strength in my legs so I don't get tired. I think we will have a lot of walking and standing to do in our time in Austin. 50 pounds in 44 days? Let me know if you figure out how to make that happen so you can share it with me!


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