Thursday, February 12, 2015

PillowCases from Alaska

I forgot to count the pillow cases I made at the retreat.  Last time we were in Alaska, two years ago, Frank and I went into the Quilt Alaksa shop in Skagway.  He picked out some fabric for a couple of pillow cases.

When I pulled out the fabric at the retreat, someone wanted to know who made the birds.  It is from Hawaii!  Go figure.  

They surfaced in my quilt room when I was cleaning up a corner one day last month.  I think they are my favorite so far!


Love that blue bird batik.  And the bear and claw Tlingit symbols. 


  1. I have some of that same fabric that is the first picture! My brother was on tour - with who? I don't remember - and must have been bored out of his mind, because he ended up in a quilt shop and bought some Alaska fabric for me. Your pillowcase are very nice! I do like that bird batik too!


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