Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Traditional People Cover Your Eyes!

I have been working on the quilts for the wedding that was supposed to be in July.  It was suddenly moved up to be in April.  That kills a lot of a couple of months I had to work on them.  I just have to get better organized.  And free piece!  And do straight line quilting.

I worked on one of the younger boys; pieces yesterday and today.  I have wanted for a while to do a large square and then cut it up.  I had all the large squares on the design wall and liked the way they looked.  You never know how they will look once they are cut up though.  It was a decision, for sure.

I decided to cut them up.

Here they are in all their randomness.  I still needed to make 4 more partial blocks when I took this photo.

It made the quilt look older some how, not so laid out maybe.  The two youngest are each 6 and they should like this one.

It was freeing to just cut slices of fabric, sew randomly together not worrying about seams or matching or patterns or sizes or if it was straight.

Yay Modern!

Here is where it sits at the moment.

I have a CAAWS meeting tonight and will work on the back tomorrow.  It is about 50 by 50 give or take. 

And fairly square.

Traditional people are freaking out about now!  LOL


  1. I love it! Looks like the energy generated by two 6. Year old boys.

  2. I love it and I am not classified as anything other than a lazy quilter. Any quilt I make to be used (all of mine) don't have to fit any rules except that they are usable and and they the quilting density is appropriate for the age. The younger the recipient, the closer the quilting. I tell people my fondest hope is that the quilt be used to the point of failure.

  3. HI!!!!! I love it!!!!! It is very pretty!!!!!! Bright and fun!!!!


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