Saturday, February 7, 2015

Something's Fishy!

On the retreat last weekend I put this fishy panel quilt together. 

This afternoon I quilted it. 

 Too cute!  I didn't realize right off that the purple border fabric was a little bit of ombre!  

I did a quick little swirl as the quilting.  During the week I will put the binding on.  I think I have enough of that fishy inner border to combine with the purple ombre to use rather than pulling more colors into the entire quilt. 


  1. That ombre fabric is one of my faves. I have it in several colorways, it's vintage now probably, and I eeek it out in small amounts so I don't use it up! I only wish I had been rich enough to buy yardage of each color at the time. It's so useable. You get 'er done girl!

  2. So all you have to do is bind it? If so, another finish shortly! Yeah!!!!


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