Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Turned Out To Be Nice!

Instead of chocolate, Frank gave me tickets to the play at Swine Palace called All My Sons.  We don't have any sons so this will be enlightening!  LOL. 

Even the dogs got a Valentines Day treat with a walk at the trail build where they tore down a school that sat on the  Baton Rouge Fault line.  Yes, we have a fault line that moves about 1 or 2 inches a year.  And the school sat right on top of it.

Frank took me to lunch at Don's Seafood, a local favorite and we have dinner with friends tonight. 

I had a delightful seafood salad which included shrimp, crawfish, lots of hunk crab meat, croutons, tiny tomatoes and an egg.  Frank had fried shrimp and shrimp etouffee.  Huge plates and wonderful tastes.

He knows the way to my heart!  Seafood! 

I took some Hot Tamales to Andrew and some Sour Patches to Carrie for their respective personalities!  LOL.  He got called out on a job and she was perfectly happy staying in bed all day doing nothing!  She ran out of mayo while making a tuna salad and decided to make her own.  When I got there she was throwing out the first batch!  LOL.

I also brought them some pink cupcakes with heart sprinkles.  Andrew LOVES sprinkles, just like any little boy would!  Even heart sprinkles!

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  1. Just catching up after hibernating for a few weeks. Sounds like you had a wonderful valentine's day and still have the play to look forward to. We skipped the chocolates too and went for a bike ride and lunch.

    wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend.


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