Wednesday, March 18, 2015

52 Photos - Week 46 - Gold

Bella has dragged me kicking and screaming and complaining loudly into the 25th Century by forcing me to learn instagram.  I think I have it now, although i am not sure how I can see the photos of the others who post to the #52Photosproject.  I have not worked out all the bits and pieces of Instagram yet.

If you want to follow me on instagram, for what it is at the moment, find me at #quiltswissy .

Is that right?  I put the hashtag in there?  If now, just do quiltswissy.  Aughh

Gold -----

This Week 46 in 52 Photos Bella  gave us the prompt of Gold.  She thought of St. Patrick's Day and the reward at the end of that lucky rainbow. 

It is still early in the day for a lot of postings on the site, but i see some fall trees golden with leaves and gold wrapped Easter Chocolates.

You know  my DiNozzo, he is one one of the rescued bassets I have.  I tell him he is the golden color of a palomino pony that is highly prized among breeders.  

This photo was taken on one of the first trips we took him on.  It was to see the bonfire structures along the Mississippi River that are lit to guide Papa Noel to the children on Christmas Eve.

He was so carsick.  You can see how he is just hoping to make it home without dying!  I guess he was thinking, look at these people, they saved me and love on me and take me on torture rides!

He is better now, but we still watch for signs of drooling and we don't take him on long rides anymore.

The golden sky in this photo was taken from the Carnival Triumph on our way down the Mississippi River in 2010.  We were going to the islands in the Caribbean with Carrie and Andrew.  It takes about 8 hours to run down the river from New Orleans to the Gulf.  And there are so many interesting things to see all along the way.

Ohhhhh!  Here is thick, rich, golden cheese....covering chili....covering french fries.

Need I say more?

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