Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Two Of My Pieces Are Hanging! Yay!

It is so amazing to see your work hanging.  CFAL (Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana) hung
My Iguana
our annual exhibit of fiber art at the Louisiana State Archives Building on Essen Lane (in Baton Rouge) last week.

It comes down before the end of the month, so if you want to be a good friend, stop in and see it!  The building is not open on weekends, but is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm M-F.

It is called The Art of Fiber II. 

My Hibiscus
I am going to put a photo of Tracy's piece as well, I need to make sure she is OK with it.  I am sure she will be.  It is an incredible piece.  She is so talented.  She puts just the right piece of fabric in the exact right place.  How she does it, I will never know.
Tracy's piece is at least 3 feet by 3 feet

And Michael has a red piece that is so amazing.  His talent is beyond anyone I know.  He should be in huge galleries, maybe one day he will be.

And I am sure Tracy will be right there next to him!

My Iguana was done for a challenge by River City Guild.  It was to take a block, change it up several ways and make something with it.  This was like in 2007.  The petroglyphs you see are made from a black solid piece, not a Kona though.  I used a bleach pen to discharge the rock painting replicas.  It is backed using the birthing method.  I was surprised it turned so  sharply and maintained its shape like it did. 

I made the decision to do something besides a quilt, because everyone was doing quilts.   I thought it would stand out.  Well, it did.  They HATED it!

My Hibiscus is an applique technique I learned in a Quilt University Class.  It was totally different from anything I have ever did because it is worked from the back of the piece.  It is a precise technique that gives excellent results without all the needle turning and wax paper cutting.  You still need to mark off your pattern and enlarge it, but it makes a really nice piece.


  1. Question, my friend: Is your work to please them or you? I put a border of hot rose on a low volume shabby chic b/c it felt to dull to me. Your work, like you, appears to only discriminating tastes. Be who you are and create what you want not what the masses want.

  2. I love your pieces and Tracy's too!

  3. Your pieces look great! Tracy's is also beautiful. Are you going to post a picture of Michael's piece?

  4. Thanks for sharing my piece and thanks for the nice comments! I really love your lizard - the kokopelli and petroglyphs are a really neat touch!

  5. I think the iguana is pretty darn cool . . . just keep doing what you LIKE to do and what makes you happy. Congrats for having pieces hanging (but I can't stop by - just a tad too far).


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