Monday, March 16, 2015

Memorial Service

Yesterday Frank, Paula and I went to the Memorial Service for Michael's wife, Judy.  She lost her life battle 3 weeks ago after a long hard struggle.

It was so beautiful.   A long time friend read Michael's words in tribute to Judy.  Their daughter in law read the story of how they met.  And spoke of the sadness of losing her.

Judy was a client of another stylist at his hair salon when they met.  They would drive to New Orleans and come home with 8 or 9 people stuffed in his Camaro!  Ah, those were the days!

Ever since I have known him, it has been clear to see that Michael was devoted to Judy.  He cared for her as her condition worsened for the last several years.  And battled  his own cancer, now for the 4th time. 

I cannot imagine the depth of his loss, the emptiness of his house or the hurt in his heart.

It was beautiful.....and sad. 


  1. I was wondering.... My condolences to him.

  2. Thanks for sharing that with us, Glen. Nicely done. I feel for him and feel sad as well.


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