Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 Finishes - Page Added

I just added a new page to the title bar on the front of the Quilts and Dogs Blog.  It has all my finishes for the year so far.  I hope to keep it updated at least quarterly if not monthly.  But if you you have a burning desire to know what I have finished so far in any given year, just go to the OPAM on the side bar.

OPAM, if you don't know, is One Project a Month.  We pledge to finish at least one project each month.  We link with Sweet Peg in Australia at the end of the month and she tallies how many projects we all complete.  So far the ENTIRE group has completed a total of:

39,276 projects.


I have 8 finishes so far this year and 

It really does make me think what I can complete to add to the list on my sidebar.  And when my list is short, I think about what I can finish to add to it.

I should have all five Colorado Boys quilts done this month!

If not, I will be LATE, LATE, LATE!

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  1. I kept wondering where skateboard 1 and 2 were but I get it


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