Sunday, May 3, 2015

Great Find At Purple Cow

I needed to get ou tof the house so I headed to The Purple Cow.  The PC is a resale shop to which that I donate all my stuff I no longer want or need at the back door.  Then I go around to the front door and buy more stuff!  (not always, but a lot of the time!)

2 Pillow Shams
I diidn't have anyhing to give up, so i thought i would look at summer tops.  I didn't find anything but a pair of capri blue jeans with a pair of dangly strings on the side at the knee.  I love love love dangly things!  $4.99!

Fish Detail
And I found this duvet cover that had two pillow shams attached.  I thought to use it for some dying projects this summer.  Paula said she wanted to try her hand at making color and I have been wanting to get back into dyeing.  Perfect!

$8.99 - that is how much I paid for the whole bunch of fish!
And in addition to the yards and yards of fabric to dye, it has a wonderful fish border that will make several really cool quilts.

I am not going to add or subtract anything from my Stash Report so it remains the same.

Aren't you jealous?  And just look at those Ellies!


  1. 'splain to me, please, how the fish do not add to the stash. I am curious only so that I can use the ruse the next time I "don't" add to my own stash. Not that it matters in my case, there's no one keeping track except the hubs who apparently doesn't count as he is sometimes pushing me into the store. (This so he can go to a different store and "not add to" the tools that he loves.) However, every once and again, a kid sees the stash and makes a hoarding remark. I'd like a "I haven't added to the stash in a long time" comeback and sound like I believe myself. I think you may be the one to help me see the truth of my words.

  2. Those fish are great! Is the fabric cotton? That was a great score!


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