Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I have no pictures of the event

I was sitting casually around in my pjs and messy hair and the phone rings.  Frank was long gone and I was trying not to cough up a lung.  I was just going to sit around and try not to die.

I  hear his voice say, I am going to ruin your day.  And he did.

When Frank left he drove to McD's to get tea and a breakfast biscuit since he was late pulling out of here he got no breakfast.  He had a meeting in his Belle Chasse office 2 hours away.  Getting into the car at McD's he put all the stuff in his hands on top of the car roof.  He got in, collected his stuff, pushed the on button and drove off.

Two hours later he gets to Belle Chasse and looks for his keys, nowhere to be found.

The really bad thing about having a car with a push start is that you don't need to know where your keys are.  But they have to be within 3 feet of the starter.  Which includes the roof.

I had to drive to Belle Chasse.  To get there I had to drive to New Orleans, cross the entire city of New Orleans, and I had to cross the Greater Mississippi River Bridge over to the West Bank.  I had to go all through these little backwater cities, and to the IntraCoastal Canal.

I was NOT a happy camper.  Now I could not sleep, or sew or set the Roomba off to work on my floors, or to take the cough medicine that makes me sleepy.  And I had to drive past Jones Creek Road, which is generally as far as I like to go.

But I went because he is the father of my child and I need him to keep me in quilting notions.  

Well, I lied, I do have an old photo of the Greater New Orleans Bridge from a Carnival cruise ship  as we were leaving for Key West.  Which is much farther than Belle Chasse.

So my warning to him the LAST time this happened (I  didn't have to drive as far  because he was in Baton Rouge) and to you now, is to hold the keys in  your hand AS IF YOU WERE PUTTING THEM INTO THE IGNITION and push the button to turn the car on.  He did this for a while, but admitted that he had not continued the pract6ice.

he also admitted that he had not lost his keys like this when he DID as I suggested.

So I am right!  Yes! 


  1. Do you have no Trailways or Greyhound bus lines nearby....I think that's what I would have suggested. You are definitely a trooper wife.

  2. I seem to remember a time when someone forgot something at her quilting retreat and her loving husband drove the miles to bring her the forgotten supplies. That being said he owes you big time and you should of course milk it for all you got :-) do I see a trip to Dairy Queen in your future? Lol!

  3. Sorry to hear you have a bad cough. Do you have a cold? I keep my keys when no in use, in my coat pocket. I check when I get out of the car that I had put them in my pocket after pulling them out of the ignition and I check again before I lock the car doors. I carry my second set in the other coat pocket so I always have to make sure I have my coat on no matter what the temperature. I have no one to call so I better not mess up! Feel better soon!


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