Friday, June 5, 2015

52 Snapshots of Life - Week 23 - Swissy Play

I am so bad about keeping up with this photo play.  The 52 Photos one was so easy to do, i jut need to get into the rhythm of this one, I guess.

I am sitting here trying not to die from this bout of allergies that has gone from my chest to my head to my ears.  I am miserable.

The week's prompt is Play.  We certainly got that around here!

The best fun I have ever had has been with my beloved Swissys in at our Fun Day.

These photos are from the 2007 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Regionals held each year in Perry GA.  I gathered with my Swissy friends from all over the country for years and years and years at the fairgrounds in Perry.  It was the most wonderful place to be with the most wonderful of friends. who shared a love of our tri-colored dogs.

This is Hank and his little brother Dozer.  Our Swissys are drafting dogs bred to pull heavy loads in the middle ages.  We still do weight pulls where a nice pull will be 3500 lbs for 30 ft from a dead stop in 30 seconds.

 These are Rowdy and Keygan.  Keygan was a brother to my Bonnie Doon a couple of litters down.

 Our Swissys were also bred to herd sheep and docile cattle.  They are heavier boned than border collies so they are not as fast.  But since they are herding dogs, they are quite intelligent and exceptionally good at reasoning quickly. They are considered drovers, who work from behind the herd, keeping it contained and putting it where the shepherd wants them.  The instinct is there, the control must be learned!  LOL

And they are also pack dogs.  Swissys were used in WWI and WWII in Europe to carry supplies and draft howitzer guns over terrain.  We use that ability today to enjoy Pack Dog Hikes and sharing the beauty of the woods with our friends.  Walking on the bridge is my dear and wonderful friend Molly E, who passed away this year.  She was a great promoter of our breed and the wonder of what a true and loving companion can be.

I miss my Swissys.  These Bassets are great and fun dogs, but they are not Swissys! 


  1. I never knew the Swissy were so playful!

  2. I thought I was the only dog parent who has a dog that eats fabric. I can't keep a pillow, blanket or comforter in this house! Every single one of them has corners chewed off, and stuffing pulled out. I spend my life sewing!! LOL!

  3. Such interesting information about Swissys! Thanks for sharing it. Sorry to hear you're not feeling great. Feel better soon!

  4. I love dogs but know very little about the breeds so do enjoy your tidbits of doggy information thrown in here, there and yonder in your (almost) daily posts. Get well sooner.

  5. Very interesting and it's neat that they can have fun doing sorta what they are/were bred for. I hope you are better soon.


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