Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Day

Michael and his momma!
Hope your Christmas was happy and good.  And that Papa Noel brought you lots of fabric and needles.

As with our family tradition, Frank and I opened our presents on Christmas Eve night. He got a CD player (cause he broke his 300 disk CD changer) and I got a certificate for an extensive detailing of my CRV.  He told me I could get new one, but this one is 12 years old and has only 45,000 miles on it.  It has never had a problem so there really is nothing wrong with it.  It just needs to be "hosed" out!  LOL

Andrew opening Presents
Hugeaux the Grand-dog
Presents everywhere!

We went to Carrie's for lunch with Andrew's family.  His parents, Fayne and Bobby shared the day, along with Andrew's brother and fiancee and her three very well behaved kids.  3, 10, 14.   I got them all books and the 10 year old was already reading it when we stopped for dessert!  The 14 year old played chess with Frank.  Frank used to play with my dad.  My dad was Chess Champion of New Orleans for a number of years and would love to beat any comers!  He used to set up situations for me, drilling me on how to best some famous moves.  I hated it.  But when I married Frank, he took over the drills and loved it!  I think that is why my dad liked him so much!

I gave Jaime and Fayne their quilts and they were both very happy.  Fayne LOVED the cats!  

Paula and Glen came over to the house after we got home.  It is so good to see her up and walking and out and about after her knee surgery.  It is  almost 3 weeks and she is nearly there!  Well, relatively speaking!  LOL

I hope your day was filled with family and friends and food!


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