Friday, January 8, 2016

A Doodly Distraction ---

For the South American Adventure I picked up a book to keep me busy.  I used to read voraciously.  And when I say voraciously, I mean a lot of books!  I keep logs of what I have read, with author and title and a short description of why I liked it or not.  Each year I would read about 150 books.  Some were professional, some informational, some just plain dirty.  Hee, hee.

But this book was different.  It was a FUN book.

Zen Doodling by Carolyn Scrace.

For someone like me who has not done much doodling, it is a nice way to start learning the process.  Carolyn begins by showing you how to make some basic shapes then moves into mandalas, shapes, letters, metal, printed and resisted prints........oh, and the experimental doodles!


Here are some of my masterpieces.

start off slow and

   getting better.

I made Frank take me out and buy me some Prisma Colors.  Then I had to learn how to use them.  There is a secret, but I figured it out.                

adding color with Prisma Colors

I am addicted.............

And getting more detailed.

And I began searching the internet for simple drawings that I could fill in.

Did I say I was addicted?  I can see so many possibilities in this.  Now I need to clean up my space so I can start working on some of this amazing idea I have.



  1. Ooh, I think I need this book! I like your doodles.

  2. All those doodles could become quilting designs.

  3. You are good at this! Next step is FMQ some doodles - that would be cool :-) I love the new blog header but I do miss the bassets . Will there be a penguin doodle in your future?

  4. A South American Adventure sounds like such fun! Smart idea to bring along a doodle book. I'd probably love this and really want to keep one at school for when I'm "bored." lol I'd probably get fired for not doing my job, so maybe hold off on that for a couple of months. Get through EOC first? I love your doodles. Are you hiding previous skills? I can't see myself jumping in and creating at this level, and, wow!, your designs would be fantastic as quilting designs.

  5. ah ha, me too. I loved doing it from the beginning. Prismacolor pencils are my go to for color. Clear, easy to use, range of colors. Lots of pigment, so much that it's hard to erase. LeeAnna

  6. Oh I've seen this book. Now I wish I'd picked it up and looked through it. Great job on the doodling! I can see some doodle quilting designs in your future.


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