Thursday, January 7, 2016

Want to Bust a Few?

UFOs that is?  I have a ton of them, so many I am afraid it will be embarrassing to come clean.   But I am going to take the plunge and get that box out of the corner and finish some stuff.  I may have to ask you for some help on HOW to quilt some of these very interesting tops............

Go here to join in....

UFO Busting Project 2016  

I will get a list going and my room cleaned up and start working...........

After today, they are coming back with the parts for he heater at the CAAWS building.

Well, that CAAWS got shifted to Thursday or Friday since the parts aare not in today.  So I will head to the Quilt Shop with Paula!  Whoo Hoo!

(Update:  I bought 20 yards at 50% off.  How's that for starting the year in the Stash Hole?)

Here is my list of UFOs I need to work on in 2016.  I have two specific projects to wotk on, I am thinking that Jesse will get the Oriental Quilt for her graduation, but I have the fabric for neice Mary Elizabeth for hers.

Mary Eliz - graduation quilt
Jesse - Graduation quilt

Twisted Halloween needs binding sewn
Neighborhood needs binding
Stars needs binding
Thimbleberries House needs binding
Locked and Loaded needs binding sewn
Chicken Dances needs binding
Saints needs binding

Blue and Purple Stars needs quilting
green orange Houses needs quilting
Fireworks needs quilting
Buggy Barn Chicken needs quilting
Oriental is a top
Black Random - top
Log Cabin Shadows - top
Improv Leaf - top
Zig Zag improv top

Machine needs borders
Batik Curves needs borders
Tentative randomness needs borders
The Devil's Lense bought fabric for sash
Flight 370 - needs borders and words
ToPo Map
Tea Towel London
Tea Towel Moulin Rouge


  1. That is a pretty good list! You will use up 20 yards just with backings so no big deal starting in the hole! I took pictures of my UFO's , taped them into a list and hung the lists up so I could have a visual of what I need to get done. When I am looking for something to do that is the first place I look. I got 15 out of 40 items on my list done last year and it was fun to cross off the UFO's as I got them done. I did do most of the smaller pieces so now I am stuck with all the big quilts to finish. I am not sure my strategy was a good one! LOL!!

  2. Nice LONG list you have there...mine is probably that long too! Some of yours are almost done with just needing the binding so that's a positive!


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